Albania’s sad virgin.
Albania has always been a country that I dare not go to, several times to eastern European countries, all intentionally avoid Albania. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard so much negative information, and I’m always worried about security, and it’s really strange, I’m not afraid of moldova, but I’m afraid of Albania.
I don’t know how rational it is.
I may be afraid of Albania’s blood and absurdity, blood because it is full of rage and killing, absurdity because it can see the surreal scenes that are alien to modern civilization.

Where is it?
If you’re not familiar with European geography, see where Albania is. The red arrowheads of the map are the Arab states, and the south is Greece, and Italy across the sea. North of the country is Europe’s chaotic former Yugoslavia, with its familiar Kosovo, Montenegro and its neighbours.
Albania is often bullied by all countries, a circle around the country wants as much as possible to occupy their territory, such as Greece want to account for their coastline, want to take more Prespa lake Macedonia, Montenegro think over some rivers. In short, Albania is an anomaly in the surrounding country.
Their language and a circle around the country have different kin, Albanian and south of the Greek has nothing to do, and the north of Slavic languages (for example, Montenegro, Serbia and other countries are the Slavic languages) also have nothing to do. In Europe, where the nation is so multifarious, different languages can create the opportunity to hate each other.
O plus countries because of historical reasons, nearly 60% of the population is Muslim, Catholic and orthodox together constitute only 15% of the population, light of this, just enough to most European countries on the land a hostile attitude. So Albania is a very lonely country in Europe, but in recent years the government has spared no effort in building diplomatic relations. No matter what international relations they want to contact, they want to be recognized internationally, so that they can get out of isolation.

Even on a street in the capital, Tirana, where President George w. bush visited, the street was named after George w. bush (see, rruga means street). It can be seen how much the country wants to be accepted by big powers and great powers.
Only kosovo may be the only true friend of the country, because most of the people who live there are albanians, and the language is the same. But then again, I believe the capital Tirana should be safe.
Albanian men generally look like this. This is a picture of an ordinary man on the streets of the capital, Tirana.
Neither handsome nor strong. It seemed like they were in the Middle East.
In stark contrast, Albanian girls are not bad.
Is it safe there?  I don’t think safety is just my subjective guess. The most important thing is to hear people say that in the documentary film, the northern mountains of the country are seen in the film, which seems to be able to trample various human laws. And the government has not so much money and energy to spread the system of civilization, so the northern mountains seem to have been left out of history.
In the Soviet era, Hoxha, a highly controversial leader in Albanian history, had undergone a variety of major changes, both mental and physical, and had a huge impact. There is a lot of debate.
Two of the policies were the bloody purges of the national police.
One is to ban all Kanun practices (as I explained below), and the other is to ban all religions and declare Albania the world’s first atheist country.
The two policies were intended to stop the country’s various family feuds over the years, but with the collapse of the Soviet government, the pent-up resentment was exacerbated.
What is Kanun?
Kanun refers to a series of traditional law, founded in the middle ages of Albania for hundreds of years are there in each generation, so local power according to the need in to embellish to create favourable terms.
It wasn’t until the beginning of the last century that these laws were put together in books, and that adds up to more than 1,200.
One of the most brutal is that if a male family member is killed, he or she can kill a man or two women (because women are only half the population).
And Kanun is notorious for denigrating and suppressing women.
The rule is that women can’t go outside the house. They can’t sing, drink or speak loudly. A woman’s marriage can only be determined by her father and other men in her family. After marriage, the woman can never divorce; The woman can only do two things: having children and raising children; If a woman is killed in a family feud, the family’s blood feud is only half a person; The price of a virgin is 12 cows. A woman cannot inherit and hold any property, except her clothes.
During the Soviet era, hoxha although his conduct is not good, but his forbidden of the Kanun, sometimes even want to close out the police for the families of the Kanun, is also the very uplifting.
At the same time, he also cracked down on various religions, holding religious prints, which could lead to 10 years in prison, and he could be shot by himself. Feud between family, will use this opportunity to report disclose each other, using the national police and destroy, but at the same time, have more deep hatred, only such policy the outlawed someday, they can copy the guy a bloodbath hatred.
A sad life of a virgin.
In the mountains of northern and central Albania, there are a group of women who are like this.
Did I send the wrong picture?
No, they’re all women, and they’re all virgins.
I’m going to go back to Kanun law.
Kanun law has put women in the possession of goods. Men are the owners of women, and women are merely reproductive tools, with few human rights. But Kanun still leave women also can choose a road, and that’s when “vowed a virgin” (Albanian: Burrnesha, English Sworn virgins).
To be a “sworn virgin” means to swear that you must be a virgin and that you will be a virgin after your vows. But at the cost of that is the right to have a man, and to do all the things that men do. It will also be respected by the people around them.
The price is also very big, although day lived a man, but don’t get women set up a family, and all used to prove that they are women things should be destroyed, then into a male names.
At the moment, change your face.
Although we feel that they have paid a lot of price, but become the “sworn virgin”, the regret is not many. Often because of the various unfair treatment in the family in the early years, by the father, by the brothers of various kinds of abuse, so they chose this road not to return, probably did not return.
Why do you have “sworn virgins”?
Many anthropologists have studied Albania’s vow virginity, and summed up this Kanun law as a final fix to all other harsh decrees.
Kanun law is a kind of law that is relatively primitive and advocates the violence of violence, especially for the blood feuds, and Kanun law has a lot of elaboration.
But for revenge, the original “tit for tat” approach. That has led some family happened more than a century between the bloody confrontation, tend to be a family with all men to another company to chop down dead they (except for the women and children), the scene of bloody violence, if you have seen the polish film, “warren” between the Albanian population should understand which can kill each other.
Kill people, is never stabbed a knife die so simple, but full of all sorts of cruelty, such as tied to each other on the pillars, then break down the stone on the other head, regardless of the other party any bellow, smashing brain break down the flowers, and then leave the body in where, and so on all kinds of abnormal condition.
In the repeated killings, some families are feuding, and every generation of men is waiting for revenge, until some of the men are killed.
When a family man is killed, the last family member is only a woman, but all women are not allowed to inherit property, nor are they allowed to take a knife to protect their family members. So there’s only one way to make them men.
In this case, not all young women has this will, some still want to marry, some don’t want to take knife with a gun, but out of responsibility for family, only to this step, it can calculate the real meaning of social tragedy.
Does Albania still have “sworn virgins”?
There are not many of them, many of them are old, but the latest generation is after 1990.
Because the Soviet era for follow the Kanun legal family violent repression, only temporarily suppressed the hatred between family, wait until the end of the Soviet rule, no longer the Kanun legal believer crackdown, long pent-up hatred began to explode, Albania every year since the slain because of family feud, for instance in 2016 the government officially reported because family feud resulting in more than 40 vendetta.
The status of Albanian women.
From what we have said, we can see that the women in the mountain area are not very high, but they do not show that the city values the status of women.
Albania may be one of the most demeaning countries in Europe.
You can look at it from a point of view.
The most popular is hymen reconstruction surgery in Tirana, official statistics in Tirana every day there are 10 such surgery, but because the hymen reconstruction in Albania is forbidden, so surgery to the underground trade. In general, the procedure takes only 20 minutes and costs between 200 and 300 euros, and Albanian women earn as much as a month.
Because big hospitals can’t do this kind of operation, all kinds of gynaecological clinics are starting to take on such a business. So the real data may well exceed this 10.
The clinic USES hymen as a common gynecological examination, thus avoiding an official investigation. However, due to the poor conditions of small clinics, the disinfection measures are not in place, and can sometimes lead to the infection of various women.
Albanian women are enamoured of this near-meaningless operation because of the country’s demand for female chastity. Coupled with the recent 20 years, a lot of men in other developed countries in Europe when labor to Albania, economic strength is far higher than in their home, can more easily find a spouse, domestic but because it is a long distance relationship, their special attention to women’s chastity. In order to be able to cater to their needs, the girls in China performed the operation.
A movie
My articles cover is a Albania in 2015 with the Italian film, called “Sworn Virgin”, you can go and see.
Enough sorrow.

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