In the basement of the guan dong cooking shop, curing a person’s cold night.

In the basement of the guan dong cooking shop, curing a person’s cold night.
I haven’t seen you for a long time.
As soon as it was cold, it was particularly reminiscent of the warm food, and the atmosphere where everyone was crowded together. Not long ago, I went to Tokyo and was recommended by my friend to cook the restaurant. In a late night, a man looked for the past.
The store was underground, close to midnight, but still full, waiting 20 minutes to get in. The 10 seats were surrounded by a large, square pan of food, and the guests jostled each other.
The store, which is less than 10 square meters, is the “shop” I have seen in Japan.
Sitting in the store a few for young lovers, as well as “President” of a group of elderly men, the store led me to sit down on the edge of the presidents, ask me anything to drink, in Japanese “than a dew (ビ ー ル)”, “beer” is one of the most skilled Japanese words I almost.
I have also talked about the habit of drinking in the Japanese wine house, which is usually served with a glass of wine.
I’m a la carte, thanks to the Japanese fifty I remember.
The menu is simple, but with a few features, the top down is divided into three categories: the standard guandong boiling, the zero point and the east boiling, and the special eastern cooking.
The standard is cooked in a pan, while the zero is only prepared after the order, especially the ingredients that are not too common to cook.
Radish, bean curd and beef tendon, all belong to common standard kanto cooking material.
Although I really wanted to order a whole menu, I had just finished my dinner, so I ordered some common varieties and studied the items on the menu.
White radish is the best choice to test a guandong soup.
This is the kansai style of guan dong cooking, secretly drink a mouthful, soup head light but delicious. The radish is soft and not rotten, the tendon is also processed and swallowed, the heart is warm.
Roughly speaking, the kanto cook is divided into “flavored with soy sauce and superior kelp, thin mouth light” kansai style, and “strong” with thick soy sauce, seasoning the kanto style, can tell from the broth and food color, it is related to the kanto cook the origin and development of.
You can never resist the temptation of a soft-boiled egg.
For me, in addition to white radish and beef tendon, the kanto cook is the most important “remarks” eggs, egg of the medium temperature of special good, actually is the second in the photos, the first is I keep eating in the unconscious… I ordered another one for the shot.
It seems to be the case in Japan, too.
After drinking the first beer, I watched the next President ask for the sake, and I asked for a drink. The sake of a wine house is a small bowl or wooden box under the glass, and the wine must overflow.
“High wild tofu” is a kind of dried frozen bean curd.
When I was a little confused about what to eat, I looked around the guests’ plates and said to my boss, “this, that and that, I want too.” The next President gave me a thumbs-up, not knowing what to eat, followed the local deli point is a very reliable way.
Limp octopus feet.
First roast and then boil the green onion.
Stores in the kitchen kept ready to replenish stock, a lot of ingredients are in order, in the kitchen processing just in front of the first pot, this can avoid such as convenience stores ingredients cooked too long to complete rot.
Oysters are not very common in China.
Quite a bit of chongqing hotpot.
Although it is a small shop in the basement, it is very exquisite, not only the soup is prepared with good materials, but the food is filtered by the time, and it is very fine.
Gao tang udon noodles (from tabelog)
Although the soup is very good, but generally speaking, the soup is not drunk, but here you can let the shop owner help you cook a bowl of noodles, fresh and warm, feeling… A complete.
Before I knew it, I ate for more than 2 hours, then went out again, and the rain stopped, and the Tokyo tower at night was really beautiful.
Restaurant information:
お で ん や den
Tokyo shinjuku four valley 1-8 nakagawa ビ ル B1F
The business hours are from 6 PM to 1 am and have a rest on Saturday.
– the kanto cook Japanese general writing お で ん, read Oden;
– the shop owner hardly spoke English, and the menu was mainly Japanese.
– accept reservations.
I haven’t updated in a long time. I’m still alive. I’m a little busy with little inspiration, and I’ve been wayfaring for a few months, or I should say I’m sorry.
Updates will be restored as soon as possible. (yeah, try.)

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