I was told that he had gone through London, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and so on. I think he might have taken part in a ten-day trip to Europe. If you visit Europe as a tour of buildings, it’s really boring.
And my idea is that if you travel to Europe for 10 days, you might as well stay at home and watch the show. The European countries that will let you go to the five countries on ten days are likely to look the same, not churches, squares, fountains, white doves, bells? And after ten days of violent walking, people have gone limp, took hundreds of pictures of buildings, and returned home without finding a single name.
So I think that want to travel to Europe, once went to a country, but to further explore, can find the original in addition to the capital and well-known city, every town town all European countries have to tell the story of don’t finish.
Last week I chat with my Italian friend Luca Italy what a popular tourist destination can go to have a look, he gave me suggest a few places, I have to check the corresponding information, decided to write to me in these places travel list inside, this year or next year will go and see. Here I will share with you a reference for a trip to Italy.
And Italy is different from many European countries, and almost every town and town can be a tourist attraction, with the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea, the seaside scenery magnificent. After watching an Italian seascape, it was almost imperceptible to Greece.
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1. Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy.
Luca told me that he had been to Civita twice when he was in college in Rome and could take me to see it this summer. In fact, there are many such towns in Italy that were built in the early years of the first year of the year. But what’s special about this place is that it’s very special and it’s dying. You can see this year, not next year.
Civita is actually the name of the town, just because it’s in the town of Bagnoregio, so Civita di Bagnoregio (di in Italian is the equivalent of English). This town was 2,500 years ago (in the spring and autumn period, was there such an ancient town in our country?) Created by the Etrascan nation, this nation has no written record and no religion. These houses are the only evidence of this civilization.
Now there are only six permanent residents in the town, and the rest are Italian and European tourists. Some italians simply bought their houses here and came here every weekend or holiday to stay for a few days, just as we did at home in hainan.
The reason I say it is disappearing is because it was built on top of a pile of volcanic tuff, and in the long run the tuff will gradually turn into fine particles in the air. Some of the houses on the edge of the cliff had disappeared because they had collapsed along the tuff.
This place is protected so full, almost like appearance is no different from fixed, at that time, because almost all through human warfare, and terrain yourself and cut off from the outside world.
There were still some old shop shops, which had been handed down for many generations, although they did not live there, but the shop continued.
How to go: this is a troublesome problem, few people take the bus, as if there is no direct bus. The best thing is to rent a car directly from Rome, which is 124 kilometers away from Rome. Of course, if you’re on a budget or a backpack, or take the train from Rome to Orvieto, ask for a free ride (and more than 20 kilometers).
2. Positano
Because my wife likes the beach, but I like the city built by the mountain, the first time to see such a magic city, we two immediately attracted me. Lined with colorful houses, interlaced along the mountain road, the deep and deep Tyrrhenian Sea is a perfect match. In this place, sitting on the highway facing the sea, give me a plate of olive oil and a few slices of bread.
Luca and his girlfriend went once last summer and showed me the video they were shooting along the way. But he told me that the only downside was that the streets were mostly American tourists, and that there were a lot of noisy American tourists at night! If you don’t mind seeing a lot of americans, this place is worth it.
Positano is located in a place called Amalfi coast, which is not a Mediterranean Sea, but the climate and landscape are very similar to the Mediterranean. It was a fishing village before the 1950s, and has only become a tourist mecca in recent decades, but visitors are still less than the Cinque Terre.
How to get there: if you’re in Rome, take the train to Naples, and if you’re not there, many European countries have cheap flights to Naples. Then take the train to Sorrento and take the shuttle bus to Positano. Of course, there is a way to take a ferry, but it is convenient to go there anyway.
3. The Lago di Resia
The first time I looked at the goose bumps, a lone bell tower rose from the middle of the lake. The lake is called Lago di Resia, on the border between Italy, Austria and Switzerland, and its German name is widely promoted — Reschensee.
The bell tower in the middle of the lake was actually a church, but it was not directly built into the lake. The lake is artificial building in the middle of the last century, the builder is the Italian energy firm Edison Energia, in order to be able to connect two natural lakes, and flooded the Graun, a small town. So you can imagine that under the smooth surface of the lake is the town that once lived.
Swimming in the middle of the lake will be scary, and you’ll remember to look down at the bottom of the lake when you swim.
When the water level rises in the summer, you can make a boat.
It is said that in the winter, you will still hear the bell ringing. If you don’t want to swim past the clock tower, wait until winter freezes over.
How to get there: there are few buses in the mountains. It looks like we can only rent a car.
4. Craco
I really like the ruins. I will find a lot of debris in Poland, has abandoned factories and residence, not I like to look for some haunted places, mostly I like the story behind the abandoned building and the moment of quiet.
Craco is a Ghost town on the hill, the black Windows, looking like pairs of eyes to explore the passengers, looking very exciting.
In the 8th century BC, people began to live on the mountain, and then gradually expanded to such a small town more than two thousand years later.
The whole chengdu city is built on the mountain, and all the way to the top of the mountain, the square house at the peak is the observatory. At the time it was built entirely to defend the city.
Because of a massive landslide in 1963, the residents of Craco began to move out, and by the 1980s an earthquake had left Craco reeling, and then it was empty. The inhabitants moved out, and the vast majority went to the United States. The residents who migrated to the United States also organized a Craco Society, which often organizes memorial events there.
Yeah, I didn’t say Craco was there. It is only 40 kilometers from the Gulf of Taranto.
How to get there: you can only rent a car, or fly from Rome to the nearest city Bari (upper right corner) and rent a car. There’s plenty to see in that area anyway.
5. Puglia and Alberobello
On a map of Italy’s “boot” shape, the heel is a region called Puglia. This place, I always want to go! The Adriatic Sea is there.
Not only is the natural scenery unrivaled, the cultural landscape is also shocking, and there are no Santorini (Santorini).
The beach of Puglia is what I want, the rocks are high on the beach, the caves can be explored, the beach is clean and fair. Be sure to take your family there and blow the sea breeze.
And Puglia has another interesting place. The houses were all round and pointed, and some of the roofs were painted with strange symbols. This area is called Alberobello, which literally means “Beautiful Tree.”
These little houses were built 500 years ago. So far, there are people living in them. Now it’s a scenic spot, and these small houses are strewn about, the streets are clean and tidy, many small houses have become shops, but there are still nearly 10,000 people living here.
These little houses are called Trulli, and they are called in this Puglia area.
The roofs were all made up of pieces of stone. It is said that this kind of house has no foundation, and it is not known whether it is good or bad, perhaps the construction process of the time is so required. Go to the store and talk to your boss and ask them how long they’ve lived in the house.
How to: if you want to go directly to Alberobello, take a flight from Rome to Bari, and then there’s a train going to Puglia.
6. The construction of The motorcycle and Mount Etna.
Mount Etna, an active volcano on the island of Sicily, is covered with snow in winter. It is already a famous tourist attraction, and many europeans come here every year to ski.
When the volcano does not erupt, it is such a quiet scene, clouds and wreaths of peace.
The volcano appears to be high, but it is only about 3,300 meters, and south of the crater is one of Europe’s largest non-famous ski areas: Sapienza Refuge. In climate is known to all that kind of warm humid climate, here can find this kind of landscape, also is one of the wonders, so many people like to ski in the south of Italy (below). It is possible to slide and see a place smoking, indicating that the magma is coming out of the ground. Of course, you don’t have to think of this as a volcano.
But once it explodes, it becomes this painting. It is best to leave Sicily and ship back to Italy. When it erupts, the ice on the top of the mountain will be breached, and the ice on the hillside will melt and turn into steam, which will be seen far away.
Of course, you might think, what’s the point of a volcano? When you go, you may not break out. If you don’t, it will be a snowy mountain.
What I really want to say is that there is a ring of rails around Mount Etna, where the little trains run happily around the mountains every day (the railway line is as follows, and the ring is Mount Etna). The railway, which has been around for 120 years, is still well maintained, but the track was much narrower than it is now, with a width of less than a meter.
If it is not always can be seen through the window Mount Etna, see the scenery outside the window, will feel really somewhere into the Siberian wasteland (if this old train broke down halfway to do?) .
The carriages were still intact for years.
Think and his wife or girlfriend sit by the window, the sun warm moves into the window, the light slightly oil smell inside the car, to crash into orderly ring, metal wheel and track the car’s passengers are as low whisper with you, if can hope the train rolled a day.
The metal dashboards are very tactile, and it is estimated that FIAT specializes in making trains for this line.





















6. The Circumetnea Railway and Mount Etna









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