The cheapest hotel in Sweden, do you dare to stay?

The cheapest hotel in Sweden, do you dare to stay?
I was checking my email the other day and I was surprised to find that a hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, had only 100 Swedish krona in the evening. The cheapest youth hostel I lived in in Sweden was at least 200 kroner a night, and it was a room with six people. Airbnb, of course, is only more expensive in Sweden, most of which are between 200 and 400 kronor a night.
Even this is a good thing, to recommend to friends, to gothenburg from now on economic benefits.
Follow their links and jump directly into the room reservation interface, as follows.
I stared at the screen for 10 seconds, I didn’t understand it too well. What does it mean? The English on the left is very agreeable. See below.
The park at Haga is an idyllic location striking in short of The city ‘s amenities. Overlooked by Haga’s exquisite church, this idyllic spot invites you to explore cosy cafes and fashionable second – hand shops along cobbled streets.
The park in the Haga district has a world of paradise and is adjacent to the city’s amenities. This is the scene of the Haga church, which gives you ample opportunity to explore the cafes and thrift shops around cobblestone streets.
I have to contact the Faktum Hotel to tell them that the picture is too international. I ordered room 2, maybe only the first mistake.
What is this? It looks like there’s a gap in the road under the highway, with the covers and the cardboard, and this is where you live? I am in another 10 seconds, read English, write so level, did not find a problem?
The wheels of The paper mill no longer turn, yet The lullaby of Molndal River may still be heard.
The iron wheel of the paper mill is no longer turning, but it can still hear the Molndal running water. It represents a glorious industrial development in Sweden, where the Molndal paper mill is a unique place of residence, a few dozen meters away from the city’s main thoroughfare.
I’m going to go back to room 3, 4, 5, to see what it is.

Is this the boiler room? That mattress is moldy, sleep a pressure, must have a group of cockroaches to run out.
A painting style is more than a fantasy, what a haunted house. The ground is full of garbage, and the air is filled with all kinds of pollutants, which should be the mouse’s favorite place.
The room is under the wheels of the train. How many cardboard boxes are found in the supermarket?
Is it a JOKE? Is this a hoax?
Is there a Hotel like this? It’s all in the corner of the street. What are you doing?
I’ve been around the site for a long time, and I didn’t see an explanation, which sparked my curiosity and I had to figure out what was going on.
All right, let’s solve the mystery.
It took a long time to find out what had happened in about.
The explanation of the organizer is as follows:
It’s not a Hotel that allows you to book a room, but a smart way to boost people’s contributions to Faktum magazine. The Faktum magazine is a dedicated homeless person who sells magazines on the street to help them earn the lowest income in their lives.
I see.
I also went to see gothenburg and Sweden in this aspect of the report. It seems that Sweden has done a lot to help the homeless, and in Sweden the official super-conservative estimate is that 34,000 people are roaming the streets (and five years ago). But a lot of the news is far more than that, plus the number of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Africa and the Middle East in the last few years, a number that should be a good one.
After the Faktum project was launched, a lot of “orders” were received, and some people actually went to live, and a lot of tourists visited these places. But it was almost impossible to hold on to the whole night, and it took two or three hours. Letting me sit in this place for an hour can make me feel uncomfortable, let alone sleep.

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