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Therebuilding on the edge of the forest, which had fallen into disrepair, and no one had lived in it for at least a century, and it had grown out of the grass, and on the stairs it would have trampled the plank. There was no room for a few kilometers around the building, so there was no light, and the only light came from the cold, dim moonlight. A girl was holding a candlestick, and the wick of the candle was burning, so the flame was very weak and erratic. She walked lightly through the gallery to a mirror at the end of the corridor. She wiped the dust off the mirror with her sleeve, lifted the candle to the mirror, and could barely see her face.

Then she looked in the mirror and read “Bloody Mary” three times. There was silence.
Suddenly the candle flickered and struggled as if to be put out. Suddenly see, from the mirror in the girl her face began to melt out, and then saw a hair to scale, a full face of blood, and face ferocious face, with pale eyes looked at himself from the mirror.
This is bloody Mary.
Try it at night and see if you can get her.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Of course this is all fiction, but it must be from a real life many years ago, in Europe and the United States called stories circulated by a series of adding Urban Legend (Urban Legend), these stories often comes from real life fragments, but in the process of widely spread, combined with their own exaggerated by different oral, spread tend to produce a good several versions. These stories don’t necessarily end well, they don’t have to be logical, just like many of the rumors circulating on our domestic web are widely accepted.
The story, of course, is not from Poland, but from Britain. It is also a household word in the world.
This time, I want to share with you some of the urban legends of Poland. It was one night when we were making dumplings in other people’s houses, and I was told by my wife, @monika Niezabitowska and her friends.
When making dumplings, talk about the night.
Black volga.
This should be the most famous urban legend in Poland, especially for the Soviet union, in the 1960s in Poland. A black car from the Soviet union is sometimes seen on the streets. It is called Czarna Wo, which means black volga. The cars are slowly being used to find their own targets in the streets, and are said to have two children: one is to take out their organs and send them to the Soviet union to replace them. The second is to draw out all the blood for the rich who need to change blood.
Who’s driving? That’s too much to say, the KGB, the Satanic, the priest, and even the nun, how to exaggerate.
My wife told me that her parents at the time of this is convinced that, even in the 90 s, there are still people talk about this, especially the parents tell their children not to a person walking alone in the streets of Warsaw, would tell them to see black volga will run away quickly.
Later this urban legend went down to Czechoslovakia and turned into a black ambulance.
Never buy a used wedding dress.
It is said that there was a bride in Warsaw who died after a week of marriage. The medical examiner investigated all the details and found that the bride had not been killed or committed suicide, but had been poisoned by the wedding dress.
It’s common to buy used dresses and wedding dresses in Poland, but this is the first time a wedding dress has died. Later, the police investigated and found that the wedding dress was stolen from the cemetery and re-entered the second-hand market. Before it was dug out, the dress had been soaked for a long time by the “corpse poison” (a polish noun called trupi jad).
Want to know what a corpse poison is? According to polish folklore, the corpse poison was an effluent from the rotting corpse, and a small bottle was enough to kill.
Don’t take your kids to the mall.
The urban legend has some network BBS in Poland has attracted great attention, once the post said is the lady your own child was kidnapped in the mall, then searched the whole market, cannot see the shadow of the children. After a few days of intense anxiety, the family suddenly found their child lying at the door. But there was blood on the child, and the consciousness was so vague that she drew a note from the inside of the child’s coat pocket: I had only one kidney.
The woman quickly took off her child’s coat and found that there was an obvious surgical incision behind her child. She quickly informed the police that the child was taken to the hospital under police escort.
After the post came out, it caused a lot of panic among parents, and many parents did not even take their children to the big shopping mall. The story was confirmed by the police as a rumor. But many people still believe that it is a rumour that the police have decided not to let the information spread.
4. Exotic plants.
From a certain extent, the day of Poland’s reform and opening up was after the collapse of the Soviet union before the height of Poland’s economy by Soviet repression, many goods could not get from abroad, people on the one hand, want to be able to buy foreign goods, on the one hand, to keep foreign fear psychology.
Is a story that is most popular in the 1990 s, a woman bought a potted flower come back from abroad, she was in flower POTS of weeds, among all of a sudden from the earth to a scorpion, ruthlessly tied up her hand. Although she quickly picked up the phone and notified the ambulance, it was still too late. The venom had reached the heart when the ambulance arrived.
Because the story, in the local derivative if a rumours were poisonous scorpions in hand tied a needle, we can live only 10 seconds window, is to be in the 10 seconds to cut with a knife this hand.
5. Mountain suspension
Look at the map, there’s a national park in southern Poland called Babia Gora, and there are a lot of cases, and of course the most original thing is not known, and probably a lot of it is an afterthought.
The mountain is not very high, and it is about 1700 meters high, and most people don’t even have a high altitude reaction. But in the summer, the mountain sometimes has snow storms, and the climate is extremely strange.
But poles believe that the mountain has a miraculous cure, so many people with chronic diseases go to the mountain to find answers. But there is a place where the forbidden area, is called High Stone Shelter (polish Wysoki Kamie ń), the place has been a lot of people as a place of dark ritual, during world war ii German ss some mysterious ceremony here.
Are famous one thing happened in the summer of 1966, there were four adventurers, determined to go to High Stone this place for a evocation ceremony, after they arrive smoothly, lit a bonfire, waiting for the arrival of the middle of the night began to practice.
But it seemed that the French had no effect, and after that, several explorers scoffed that it was someone else’s boast, and they caught it today. When it came to this, all of a sudden the whole forest was quiet, and nothing could be heard, and even the creeping of the insect stood still.
Suddenly a bonfire in the case of no wind to blow themselves out, then they began to hear a voice was heard from a distance, is a kind of biological ran through bushes, bump off the sound of the branches and brush, the voice is getting closer and closer to them, let them scalp pins and needles. Then they made the instinctive reaction, that is, hurriedly ran to their nearest village, when came to the nearest Laskow, only two men arrived, the other two missing in the process of running.
The next day, the two explorers alerted the local municipal government, mobilized local rescue forces to search the mountain, but did not find the body in the next few days, and had to declare that they were missing. No other two explorers have been found alive today. Two of the rescued explorers took to the local newspaper and told the local newspaper what had happened at High Stone that day, so the story was handed down. But both explorers committed suicide on the eighth and 10th days.
As for whether the explorers were telling the truth, they could no longer verify that all the parties had died. But then there were people who were missing in this area, and the main missing person was the forest police. According to the local loggers, all the animals in the area seem to be acting strangely, the only area where there are no birds.
Of course, I don’t know if this is a local newspaper, but poles know these things.

Finally, if you have any friends who have successfully gone to Babia Gora, be sure to share with you how they escaped. was a

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